Three reasons to use Atlas for candidate campaigns

February 28, 2024

It is no secret that candidate campaigns can be one of the most challenging kinds of campaigns to manage. Some of the challenges to achieving victory on Election Day include activating supporters, making candidates stand out from their opponents, and appeasing family and donors. Political consultants need every tool to help their candidates win. 

Atlas Influence Targeting can help. Read on to see three reasons why Atlas for Individuals can help keep your next candidate campaign running smoothly while amplifying your campaign’s effectiveness.

Run Atlas ads to your candidate’s ~2,000 personal, professional, and political connections to galvanize early support by activating the audience to write letters to the editor, share social media posts, and recruit others to volunteer. Later on, reactivate your candidate’s closest connections. Ask them to help get out the vote by mailing absentee ballots early, bringing friends to the polls, and pledging support for your candidate online. Atlas amplifies your campaign’s ongoing GOTV efforts by ensuring the tried and true supporters, donors, family, friends, colleagues, and more see your key campaign messages and know how to help.

Use Atlas for Individuals to target your candidate’s opponents. Serve ads to their closest family, friends, donors, political consultants, and community members, encouraging the opposition to spend their budget early, leaving less for voter contact. Keep critical media coverage circulating to define the narrative, force them to react to your messaging, and shape the debate. Get ahead.

Atlas helps ensure your candidate, their family, and top donors see the digital ads the campaign runs. Avoid awkward phone calls from frustrated close friends and family members or complaints from donors that the campaign is not doing enough. 

Most campaigns email donors every couple of weeks to keep them apprised of the campaign and to request additional financial support. Pair the updates from your donor email outreach with Atlas. Ensure your candidate’s top donors see your ads so they feel like their contribution is being well spent. Happy donors keep donating. Bigger budgets increase your candidate’s chances of winning. 

Organic media and paid media can and should work together. Boost your candidate’s organic social media posts by sharing ads with their Atlas audience first. Social proofing helps generate dozens of likes, shares, and comments to ensure your candidate’s social media posts build credibility, influence, and persuade others to back your candidate. Atlas is an effective way to level up your organic social media presence. 

With Atlas for Individuals, you are not limited to targeting an elected official. Atlas can target anyone with a public profile, like first-time candidates, opponents, and high-profile community leaders along with their ~2,000 closest connections. From candidates for city council up to presidential candidates, Atlas can help you keep your candidate campaigns running smoothly.