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  • 655 15th St NW, Suite 800, Washington DC 20005
  • 555 Capitol Mall, Suite 640, Sacramento CA 95814

Machine Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence

Our advocacy tools are created by public affairs professionals with decades of insider expertise.

Bryan Merica Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Eagan Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer
Libby Hall Executive Vice President of Public Affairs
Jonathan Korn Senior Vice President of Innovation
Laura González Digital Supervisor
Christen Helfrich Digital Specialist
Lucas Verran Digital Coordinator
Julia Diaz Digital Coordinator
Casey Murphy Digital Specialist
Marissa Lee Digital Coordinator
Beth Herman Creative Director
Sean Hills Digital Producer
Jake Hocker Digital Producer
Daniel Kemether New Business Manager
LINDSEY MASEBA Research Analyst
Emily Maseba Research Analyst
Kiersta Donnelly Digital Intern
Nate Dunmoyer Production Coordinator
Matt Mitchell Product Manager
John Morgan Digital Director
Gina Stassi-Vanacore Account Director
Jared Cain Digital Director
Juliana Scarpellini Operations Manager
Pierce Johnson Research Analyst
Jason Omundsen Research Analyst

Winning Blend of Machine Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Unearth provides a powerful set of professional grade tools that consistently drive results for high stakes issue advocacy and ballot initiative campaigns.

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