Influence the presidential candidates with Atlas

April 2, 2024

When you need to get your message in front of presidential candidates, the proven approach is to influence the people closest to them like their trusted advisors. Both candidates are busy on the campaign trail and rely heavily on their campaign managers and key insiders to keep them informed of the issues that matter. Get your message in front of your target’s most trusted inner circle of people with Atlas Influence Targeting.

When you need to elevate your message in President Biden’s campaign speeches or on the campaign trail, Atlas can help. Get specific by using Atlas for Individuals to target President Biden’s campaign chair, Jen O’Malley Dillon, and his campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodriguez.

Increase the pressure with Atlas for Insiders. Get your ad messaging in front of all of President Biden’s campaign consultants, advisors, executive staff, high-dollar donors, and more. Atlas ensures that your message is delivered to President Biden’s 2,300 key insiders in the White House, campaign trail, and beyond.

Former President Trump has not one but two campaign managers. Surround Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita with your message to increase the odds of elevating your issue to be the next big topic of interest.

Take your message to the next level with Atlas for Insiders to Former President Trump’s campaign staff, advisors, high-dollar donors, party leaders, and more. Ensure all 2,400 of his closest insiders see your message. Atlas for Insiders helps boost your message to all of the people who can help you win.

Go beyond look-a-like audiences, stale pre-built audiences, and the old way of just geo-fencing Capitol Hill. Think outside the box with Atlas. Our team of researchers stands ready to provide the audiences that will bring your campaign or organization closer to your goals. Atlas is flexible enough to influence one person with Atlas for Individuals, a group of people, like Congress, state political insiders, or a regulatory body, with Atlas for Insiders, and a specially curated audience to help shift perception with Atlas for Issues.