Three tactics to maximize the impact of your digital ads and build momentum

March 18, 2024

Successful digital advertising campaigns all have one thing in common: compelling ads that generate public support for their cause. Impactful ads result in engagement online and offline. They help your campaign move closer to victory.

Maximize the impact of your ads and build momentum with Atlas Influence Targeting. Give lobbyists and coalition partners more leverage to help you win. Read on to see three tactics successful digital advertising campaigns employ to create impactful ads.

Successful digital advertising campaigns use messaging that evokes visceral emotions, causing the audience to feel personally invested. Utilize survey research to frame your messaging so it is appealing to the audience. Ads that connect to someone’s core identity or are on a well-known topic are more impactful than lesser-known topics that require public education on the issue first. If polling is not available, consider tapping into trending issues to quickly harness attention and generate support.

As the saying goes, the messenger is the message. A credible messenger helps build trust with the audience. Believable ads mean more engagement. Choosing a messenger that is relevant and persuasive to your target and the audience makes your message go even further. Quote a coalition member, community leader, or constituent. Favorable news coverage or recent op-eds work, too.

Take the direct approach. Name your target and use a personal photo so there is no question about who you are talking about. Grab the audience’s attention. With Atlas Influence Targeting, this approach goes further because ads are served to the target’s ~2,000 closest, personal, professional and political connections. Family, friends, colleagues, staff, and community members will see a photo of the person you are targeting online. Compel the audience to engage online and offline.

If this direct approach is not an option or appropriate for your campaign, use a photo of the target legislator’s district, replicate messaging your target has used in a recent press release, or name the specific community that is impacted.

Atlas Influence Targeting offers precise message delivery to the people who matter most to your campaign’s victory. With smaller, more precise audiences comes greater control over who you are reaching and how often your audience is being reached. Increase the frequency of your ads. Boost awareness. Build momentum. Maximize your impact. Atlas produces results you can see because ads are only delivered to people who can help you influence policy.