Three digital advertising technology trends to watch in 2024

January 17, 2024

In an ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, adopting new trends and technology can be the difference between winning or losing your public affairs campaign. At Unearth, our team has a pulse on the new trends to get behind and the flops to avoid.

Read on to see the three digital advertising technology trends to watch in 2024.

Exit the third-party cookie era; enter the first-party data era. With more platforms declaring they will eliminate the use of third-party tracking and Google Chrome beginning the phase-out this month, advertisers are left with two main choices:

  1. Broad traditional contextual and geographic targeting
  2. Precise first-party targeting that is tied to a user’s specific identity

What Unearth is doing: Our Atlas Influence Targeting relies on high-quality first-party data, ensuring your message is delivered only to the people who can influence policy and help you win.

Deep Dive: Read our Medium post on third-party vs. first-party data.

In digital advertising for public affairs campaigns, hyper-personalization goes beyond creative and into targeting. Hyper-personalization is delivering ads to your target wherever they go online or in person. It is making them feel surrounded by your message. It is ensuring their friends, family, colleagues, community leaders, and professional connections see your message, too. It is more than just sending an email with the recipient’s first name or delivering ads to everyone who has the same interests or is located in the same geographic region.

What Unearth is doing: With Atlas for Individuals, ads are served to ~2,000 of your priority target’s personal, professional, and political connections, giving you the ability to personalize your messaging and creative to each target. Our customers see the greatest success using a photo of their target and naming them.

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In 2024, it’s not if you’ll be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your digital advertising campaigns, it’s whether you’re utilizing its full potential. For example, the use of AI in digital advertising offers limitless customizations of emails and ad creative, amping up your ability to hyper-personalize. And, AI will completely change the way audience segmentation and targeting gets done. However, storm clouds are on the horizon. With the accelerated development of AI and its usage in nearly every industry, AI is quickly becoming the top regulatory target at both the state and federal levels.

What Unearth is doing: We blend machine and human intelligence to create tools that are nimble, dependable, and above all, effective. Machine learning powers our Atlas audience building, helping us create audiences quickly. We are also currently testing generative AI for personalized Portal messaging that constituents can generate and send to their representatives. And, we are creating tools to help key players in the AI arena be prepared to influence the regulatory fights shaping up around AI.

Deep Dive: See our strategy to influence AI regulation policy and a preview of our Atlas for Issues: AI Policy and Atlas for Issues: AI Industry audiences.

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