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First-party Targeting for Your Public Affairs Audiences

Platform privacy and policy changes are making it harder than ever to reach public affairs influencers with digital media… unless you have the right first-party data.

Atlas first-party public affairs data is more precise than platform or geo-targeting, reducing spill and saving your clients’ precious ad dollars.

And, Atlas is available in the ad platforms you already use.

Level up your digital campaign with an Atlas license.

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Influence elected officials, regulators, or other key decision makers and their 2,000 closest connections.

  • Deepest network of personal, professional and political connections

  • 1:1 messaging specific to each key decision maker

  • Media budgets and delivery at the individual level


Reach every decision maker in a government or regulatory body, and the 5,000 – 10,000 connections who influence them.

  • Political influencers only, not personal or professional connections

  • Simplified creative production and ad management

  • Efficient license to reach hundreds of policymakers and those that influence them politically


Best for clients who need to influence perception on a specific issue and whose audience is more complex than any off-the-shelf Individual or Insider audiences.

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Atlas directly impacts decision makers’ thinking and actions by delivering digital media to their closest personal, professional, and political connections.

Atlas is measured in real world political outcomes, not meaningless metrics. More productive conversations with legislators and their staff. More amendments secured. More bills passed or killed. Atlas gives you the power to engage and influence each legislator directly, accelerating every element of your advocacy.


Prove voters agree with your message. Before delivery to Atlas audiences, messages are enhanced with likes, comments, and shares.


Choose exactly which segments of professional, political, and personal connections are activated as part of your Atlas audience.


Maximize your influence. Atlas draws from both machine and human-powered social connections.


Reach only the people who matter. Don’t waste impressions on the people who don’t.


Receive a detailed list of the high-profile individuals who have engaged. You decide who to target for online or offline follow up.

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  • Scout
  • Impact

Two easy ways to get Atlas:

Full-Service Atlas Management

Your turnkey campaign solution
+ Campaign Strategy & Planning
+ Creative Production & Trafficking
+ Atlas Delivery, Optimization & Reporting
+ Scalable Per-Policymaker Pricing

Atlas Data License

Add the power of Atlas to your in-house team
+ Ramp Audiences Direct to Your Ad Accounts
+ Leverage Your In-House Expertise
+ Add Atlas To Existing Digital Campaigns
+ Quarterly Licenses

Atlas makes everything you do more effective.

Reach the 2,000 people who can change the game — and none of the people who can’t. Atlas Influence Targeting puts your messages squarely in front of legislators’ real-world contacts, sparking offline conversations and shifting perception. And ultimately driving the advocacy outcomes you need.

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Connect with a digital advocacy specialist to receive your tailored Atlas Advocacy Action Plan.

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