Terms of Service

Respect our proprietary intellectual property. Our data sets, processes, tools, campaign performance metadata and any improvements we make to them during an engagement belong to Unearth and are licensed on a non-exclusive, revocable basis for the term of our agreement. This license is non-transferable and restricted to the uses indicated in our agreement. We can’t and won’t share or otherwise make available personally identifiable information, the contents of our Atlas audiences, or any other proprietary data. We will keep the details of your campaign confidential.

Work with your legal counsel to ensure that your use of the data or other services you may request us to perform complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Should a claim to the contrary be lodged against us, except for claims based on actions that we took that we knew or should have known would be violative, we will look to you to indemnify us and hold us harmless.

Pay invoices promptly. Not only does it make our Accounting team happy, but it’s also critical to keeping our data available to you and your project on track. We accept payment via wire transfer, ACH, ePayments via Bill.com or check. We apply a 3% fee on top of invoice totals for all credit card payments.

Refund Policy

Our pricing is based on your timely direction and engagement. We pride ourselves in always reserving ample resources to make your project a success. If you must cancel an agreement, the fees you have paid will be considered earned and any fees that remain outstanding will be considered due on cancellation.

Your Atlas license is valid for the term specified in your license agreement, and audiences will no longer be available following the expiration date. Refunds are not available once a license period has begun. Any extension beyond the dates in your agreement will result in additional costs which will be presented to you in a Change Order.

Last Updated: March 19, 2024