Jonathan Korn

Senior Vice President of Innovation

Jonathan has a broad background in computer science, neurobiology and statistics. As Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jonathan has advanced a progressive digital media program that focuses on cross-platform setups and accurate data collection. The media industry has felt the effect of the digital shift and Jonathan is devoted to tackling the challenges – and opportunities – that digital can bring.

Jonathan loves to apply different analytical techniques to transform campaign and marketing data into valuable insights that drive smart business decisions. He is known to have a direct communication style that helps Unearth’s clients understand what’s really happening and what to do about it.

From his initial project with Unearth in 2014, utilizing statewide and national data-sets to produce detailed demographic and geographic analysis for a state-level agency, Jonathan has specialized in working with, and making sense of big data.

Prior to joining Unearth, Jonathan was an active member of a Sacramento-based band, and he continues to be involved in the music and arts community. Over a 10-year stretch, Jonathan was actively touring with his band to destinations around the world, including Europe, Japan, and Mexico as well as here in the United States.

Jonathan holds a BS in Computational Statistics from University of California, Davis.

Other Team Members

Bryan Merica Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Libby Hall Executive Vice President of Public Affairs
Matthew Eagan Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

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