Atlas for Insiders: Federal Agencies

January 3, 2024 The United States has hundreds of federal agencies. We built more Atlas audiences to help you influence federal agencies and their insiders. Shape future laws, regulations, and policies now with Atlas Influence Targeting. See a sneak peek of who is included in the new audiences below. New Atlas audiences for federal agencies […]

Influence the presidential candidates with Atlas

April 2, 2024 When you need to get your message in front of presidential candidates, the proven approach is to influence the people closest to them like their trusted advisors. Both candidates are busy on the campaign trail and rely heavily on their campaign managers and key insiders to keep them informed of the issues […]

Why small data is a better approach than big data for public affairs campaigns

April 14, 2024 Behind every audience in a digital advertising campaign is an approach to data. Understanding how audiences are built — and if it is with a small data or big data approach — can mean the difference between reaching the right people and winning, or wasting impressions and media dollars on people who […]

Three digital advertising technology trends to watch in 2024

January 17, 2024 In an ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, adopting new trends and technology can be the difference between winning or losing your public affairs campaign. At Unearth, our team has a pulse on the new trends to get behind and the flops to avoid. Read on to see the three digital advertising technology trends […]

Three tactics to maximize the impact of your digital ads and build momentum

March 18, 2024 Successful digital advertising campaigns all have one thing in common: compelling ads that generate public support for their cause. Impactful ads result in engagement online and offline. They help your campaign move closer to victory. Maximize the impact of your ads and build momentum with Atlas Influence Targeting. Give lobbyists and coalition […]

Three reasons to use Atlas for candidate campaigns

February 28, 2024 It is no secret that candidate campaigns can be one of the most challenging kinds of campaigns to manage. Some of the challenges to achieving victory on Election Day include activating supporters, making candidates stand out from their opponents, and appeasing family and donors. Political consultants need every tool to help their […]

Why CPMs don’t matter with Atlas Influence Targeting

February 7, 2022 2024 ballots will be full. With the presidential race, one-third of the U.S. Senate, 435 congressional races, and 11 gubernatorial seats up for election, plus countless local elections, media buyers are already planning for rising CPMs. This electoral-driven increase in CPMs can also negatively impact your advocacy campaign budgets — unless you […]